Environmental Policy

Wolseley’s board has set down a number of health, safety and environment principles with which all operating companies are required to comply. The principles related to the environment cover:

  • the integration of environmental management into business operations

  • a commitment to prevent pollution

  • compliance with local environmental legislation

  • the adoption of local formal environmental management systems

  • a commitment to strive for continual improvement in environmental performance

  • a commitment to ensure proper communication with employees on environmental matters

To ensure this Policy is fully implemented, we are committed to:

  • reducing, reusing and recycling materials and resources where possible
  • establishing, measuring and reporting our environmental performance through setting objectives/targets in the following areas:

      • waste management
      • carbon management
      • resource efficiency
      • environmental management system
      • training, awareness and communication

  • working in partnership with our suppliers to ensure effective environmental supply chain management and promoting the sustainable sourcing of products and materials

  • communicating this Policy to all employees, reviewing it at regular intervals and ensuring that it is publicly available on our website: www.wolseleyinc.ca

  • integrating environmental considerations into business decisions at all levels throughout the company

Specific actions taken or currently underway by Wolseley Canada to support our environmental policy include:

  • the reuse of packaging materials in our warehouses and distribution centres

  • increasing consumer demand for energy efficient HVAC equipment through the promotion of government grants and subsidies available to such purchases

  • increasing consumer demand for water-efficient toilets through the promotion of local government subsidies available to such purchases

  • participation in the North American “$8 to Great” campaign, which encourages employees to reduce costs by $8 everyday through better work practices, including energy conservation

  • the review of company freight contracts and practices, resulting in a substantial decrease in number of trips made, distance travelled and fuel consumed. This was accomplished through consolidation of delivery routes and branch vehicles.

All our employees have a personal responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious manner. No job is so important and no service is so urgent that employees cannot take the time to perform work with the environment in mind.


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